Dictionary of Bakery Engineering and Technology

  • Dictionary of Bakery Engineering and Technology
  • Wörterbuch der Bäckereitechnik und - technologie
  • Dictionnaire des termes techniques et technologiques pour la boulangerie
  • Diccionario de ingeniería y tecnología para el sector de panadería y bollería
  • Ordbog for bageriteknik og -teknologi
  • Словарь по хлебопекарной технике и технологии
  • 製パン技術およびテクノロジー用語集

New edition: the Dictionary of Bakery Engineering and Technology!

Three years after the last specialist dictionary, f2m food multimedia gmbh has now published a new edition of its dictionary of technical terms specific to the baking industry. The “Dictionary of Bakery Engineering and Technology” has 336 pages containing technical terms from “bloom” and “bowl resting period” to “dough chunker”. English acts as the source language for the following six languages: German, French, Spanish, Russian, Danish and Japanese.

You can order the dictionary priced at EUR 39 plus delivery costs (within Germany EUR 2.00 ROW EUR 6.00) here:

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